At Ruff Waters, Inc., we are pretty big fans of our customers and enjoy working with all of our clients, large and small.
It turns out that our clients like working with us too! - Take a look below at some of the unsolicited reviews from people we have had the pleasure of working with.
Here is what some of our customers have recently said about us:

Response in a timely manner is always exceeded.
Answers to questions and/or concerns always responded to quickly.

~ Robert O., PVS

Your representative is very cheerful, polite, and meticulous in his work.
He calls to let us know if he is not coming on his scheduled day and is
very particular about any required repairs. He represents your company well.

~ Jan T.

Ruff Waters provides an outstanding service that is integral to the
success of our live-lobster presentation as well as our image. Red Lobster adheres to the
highest standards specific to quality, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction, and
when it comes to our live-food display system, Ruff Waters shares in this
mutual commitment to quality.

In allowing them to do what they do best, my employees can
devote more time to our customers dining experience.

~ Craig C.

Ruff Waters, Inc. turned our aquarium into a work of art.
Several patients a day tell us how beautiful and colorful our reef tank is.

~ Kathy E.

Our fish and corals are thriving for the first time ever, and are happy as clams.
Service calls are prompt, reliable and instructional.
Bringing in Ruff Waters, Inc. made an ocean of difference.

~ Len W.

We will be proud to show it off and give your company a good word.
We appreciate your "on site" management. Thanks!"

~ Mary S.

Our weekly maintenance gal is quick, efficient, no mess and friendly.
She is always very good to answer questions from our many guests.

~ Deb M.

Well managed business. Thank you.

~ Jared S.

You and your team are a real asset to Children's.
Choosing you was a big plus to the Hospital.

~ Yvonne W.,
Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Flowers and plants look terrific. Water is crystal clear. Thank you.

~ Sam & Jan C.

Thank You! We love it!
What a difference our new landscape makes!"

~ Mark and Marcy E.

Always Courteous. If there is a problem Kevin is
right here to fix and keeps at it until he does.

~ Glenda H.,
NBRC Kansas City

I truly enjoy working with the Ruff Waters Crew!
They are all becoming family to me!

~ Kathy R.

Thank You! Everyone I dealt with over the phone was
courteous and prompt and honest.

~ Jennifer K.

Thanks for your help and professionalism.

~ Jared S.

Great owner, workers and service.

~ Bill B.

David is great! He is a perfect fit for your team!.

~ Dr. Robert and Sarah P.

The pond looks terrific.

~ Sam C.

We purchased our pondless waterfall at a silent auction. Within a week, the people from Ruff Waters were in our yard suggesting the perfect location. A couple weeks later, the waterfall was complete, beautiful and operating just the way it was promised! The waterfall requires virtually no maintenance and has been a beautiful addition to our backyard landscape. It has been terrific and we will enjoy it for years to come!

~ David and Maggie Brown

They did a fantastic job on our aquarium! Beyond expectations!

~ Christine P.,
College of Saint Mary

Our patients love to watch the fish and comment on how relaxing it is and how nice it looks. We really enjoy it, too! Thanks Chris for taking such great care of our tank. Thank you too, Scott! Our tank looks awesome!!

~ Pam L.
Huerter Orthodontics

From our owner-verified public listing on

Absolutely amazing customer service and product.
The corals were in great shape, the fish looked healthy and well fed.
Provided me with great advice! Will definitely do business with them again and
would recommend Ruff Waters to anyone looking for any product related to aquariums.

~ Jared

Very customer oriented owner and staff. Nice fish, corals and
good selection of filters, parts etc. Scott has taken the time to hold my hand
learning the saltwater hobby and provides great advice.
This is the best place in town by far.

~ CN

Our aquarium is the highlight of our common area. Ruff waters has provided wonderfu[l] service for many years. Once, when my old tank developed a leak, they came to my rescue on a weekend saving my fish and my reception room. This is a quality service with excellent staff!

~ Dr. Rich F.

The Ruff Waters team are lifesavers. We always enjoy seeing them.

~ Pat B.

Awesome job! Thanks!!

~ David and Maggie Brown

An excellent company to work with. Feels more like a partnership than just a business / commercial relationship. Truly believe they want us to be successful.

~ Dr. Jeff K.,
College of Saint Mary

Awesome Crew - very professional and incredibly polite.

~ Vernon B.

Beyond Expectations!

~ Tina S.

Our aquarium is the highlight of our common area. Ruff Waters has provided wonderful service for many years. Once, when my old tank developed a leak, they came to my rescue on a weekend saving my fish and my reception room. This is a quality service with excellent staff!

~ Dr. Richard F.

From the forums of

I brought my water in yesturday to have Jacob test it it appears I have to bad test kits.
Thanks Jacob for putting my mind at ease and good talking to you as always.

~ Kevin

I took advantage of this deal yesterday and I couldn't be happier!
My son and I stopped in and saw Scott while we were in town from
Lincoln and found an AMAZING purple tipped elegance coral in trough 3.
This thing is the size of a dinner plate and is stunning.

~ Pixtaker

I would like to publicly thank Scott Ruff at Ruff Waters for
helping me out in a crisis. In less than 24 hours my tank crashed. I lost all my coral.
I called Scott last minute tonight and he met me in an attempt to save the fish. Hoping for the best.
Ruff has always had unmatched customer service!

~ Joe

Thanks Scott for the great service, The Naso Tang you got me is
doing great and eating well. FYI.. anyone not familiar with ruff waters it is
worth checking out. If they do not have something you are looking for just
put it on the board and they will get it in quick. I learned the hard way it is not worth ordering online, paying shipping and then losing the fish a week later.

~ sullyfish

Great place to visit as well. They have some nice looking tanks and selections.

~ maxst2

Yesterday was the first time I have made it to Ruff.
Great looking store. I usually work about 14hours every Saturday so
the hours have made it tough but glad I got down to see
all your great livestock. Keep up the good work!

~ PMatthews

I just wanted to say its been since June since I've been in there and
Scott remembered me as soon as I walked in the door and was asking about my son
and how I'd been. What a great experience it is for anyone to be received this way,
even after a long abscence from the hobby. Scott's genuiness and desire to meet your needs is
something I hope more people experience and recognize
. Im not saying the other guys arent
good lfs owners but I don't get this great of an experience anywhere else (well except for
the guys at BMW motorcycles of omaha but that's a different hobby!).
Thanks for a great experience.

~ Drew3714

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