Residential Office Aquarium - Freshwater

Business Aquarium - Reef

Business Aquarium - Reef

Business Aquarium - Reef

Business Aquarium - Reef

Residential Aquarium - Kitchen And Living Room

Business Aquarium - Saltwater

Business Aquarium - Saltwater

Business Aquarium - Freshwater

Residential Aquarium - Saltwater

Commercial Aquarium Design



Ruff Waters, Inc. is Omaha's
premier aquarium company.

More than twenty years of continued
growth and success, experienced
Ruff Waters professionals are available for
your aquarium and livestock needs.

Ruff Waters, Inc. Aquariums

If you are looking for a freshwater, marine, or reef set-up ~ built-in or stand-alone ~ you are at the right place. We are Omaha’s premier aquarium company and have been in business for over 20 years. Our work can be seen throughout Omaha and we have worked with architects, designers, general contractors, and home builders to create extraordinary displays that are as functional as they are beautiful. As a full service provider of everything aquatic, you can trust us to take care of every detail ~ from consultation to installation to on-going care.

In addition to caring for freshwater and marine setups, we also specialize in the care of live seafood displays. With live seafood prices at an all-time high, your inventory is of extreme importance to your profitability. We offer many different types of management programs that all ensure success. From repairs, to management, to onsite consultation and support, you can entrust the care of your live seafood and seafood aquariums to Ruff Waters.

Large Polyp Stony Coral

Zoanthid Polyps

Juvenile Vlamingi Tang

Clown Fish

Cleaner Shrimp

Feather Duster

Baby Bamboo Shark

Juvenile Vlamingi Tang

Frogspawn Coral

Crocea Clam

Yellow Tang And Melanarus Wrasse

Longnosed Hawkfish

Clown Triggerfish

Freckled Hawkfish

Powder Blue Tang

Frogspawn Coral

Linkia Starfish


Toadstool Coral

Ruff Waters Livestock Room

Our Livestock Commitment

Many of the animals in our care have traveled a long way to live in the Omaha Metropolitan Area. With this, we have partnered with some of the best vendors in the nation so we can offer the very healthiest livestock! Our commitment to these amazing creatures is second to none and you can rest assured that our fish have been quarantined and are eating!

Looking for a special fish to complete your setup? ~ Let us know and we will bring it in and quarantine it to ensure success. ~ There are no strings attached and when you take your new pet home ~ you can rest assured that your new addition is happy, healthy, and eating!

Our Aquarium Management Services

As Nebraska’s premier and oldest aquarium management company, we have many different services and service packages that can be tailored to your aquarium.

Our service frequency is client-defined and can be:

Twice Weekly, Weekly, Every-other-Week, and Monthly

Our Monthly Management Includes

Gently scrub aquarium glass to remove algae
Change 15-30% of the water per month
Monitor biological filtration (nitrification process), as needed
Monitor chemical and mechanical filtration; adjust and change as needed
Test aquarium water, as needed
Monitor chemical balance and depletion, adjust as needed
Deliver and medicate fish, as needed
Deliver all supplies as applicable
24-hour availability, 7 days week
Emergency / Additional Visits

Other Services include:

Consultation on Design & Installation, Bleaching Corals/Plants,
Emergency Visits, 24-hour Monitoring, Aquarium Moves, and Vacation Visits

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